All-In-One Fertilizer


Improve and strengthen
organic crop soils through
naturally occurring and
non-GMO beneficial bacteria

Contribute to a
clean environment

Help improve crop
yield organically

Are suitable for
orchards, perennial crops,
and more!


Dissolves and solubilizes phosphorus, calcium, potassium and makes them available to the plant.

It contains 4 species of mycorrhizae fungi that assist in bringing phosphorus to the roots.

Restores soil acidity back to its optimal and productive conditions.

Promotes plant health through competitive exclusion to pathogenic bacteria/fungi.


Enhance plant’s  systemic acquired resistance preventing earlier exposure to pathogens.

Accelerates seed germination in grain and many seed products.

Enhance plant’s  systemic acquired resistance preventing earlier exposure to pathogens.

Encourages healthy root system development by increasing protection and resistance against bacterial and fungi pathogens in the root zone.


 CFP  contributes to the environment by restoring the living biology in the soil that has kept a silent role in the history of food production for many years.

Microbial Fertilizer (Liquid)

Capacity 1000 Litters daily.

  • 30 Square meter space.
  • 1 Operator
  • 11KW monthly.
  • 15 cubic meter of water monthly.
  • 15 microbial inoculations monthly.
  • 15000 liters of fertilizer produced monthly.
  • Enough for 600 hectares.

Suitable for Cooperatives and Youth interested in Agribusiness.

  • Start up Cost $500 USD.
  • Operational Cost $100 USD monthly.(Provided By BMT)
  • Selling Price $0.1 USD/Gallon.
  • Expected revenue $375 USD monthly.

Organic Mass Production Unit

Capacity 10,000 Kg Monthly

  • Converting agricultural by -products into organic mass (soil enhancer, fertilizer, PH buffer).
  • With the focus on coffee by-products in the first stage due to its: Abundance, high nutritional values, the harmful effect of using it without proper decomposition treatments.

There are several categories of Biostimulants, that include: Humic & Fulvic Acids, Seaweed Extracts & Botanical, Beneficial Bacteria, Beneficial Fungi and Other compounds (Proteins, Chitosan & Inorganic compounds, etc.). CFP products focus on formulations of Beneficial Bacteria and Beneficial Fungi including their fermentation products.

Beneficial bacteria are often referred to as Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB)/Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR). These beneficial bacteria colonize in the rhizosphere (root zone). They produce organic acids, enzymes and surfactants. These compounds work in many different ways to provide incredible benefits to the plant and soil. With CFP products, we have designed a special selection of beneficial bacteria that will give you maximum results in production, enhance plant health, increased yields and improve soil biology.

Beneficial Fungi used in CFP products are Endomycorrhizae (Arbuscular Mycorrhiza). These beneficial fungi colonize plants roots by penetrating root cells and forming networks and facilitate the uptake of nutrients. The most recognized benefits of these fungi are the ability to transport phosphorus and micronutrients into the roots of the plants. Thru this process you will have healthier stronger plants and roots systems. The beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi that we have specifically chosen for our formulas, serve as multifunctional triggers to enhance organic matter breakdown, nutrient uptake, promote plant defense mechanism resulting in healthier plants and soil.

Whenever organic farmers need restore, strengthen, and build up soil health, CFP biostimulants not only help to do so, but also help improve crop yields; to help maintain organic standards, or transition into organic practices; to promote soil biodiversity and contribute overall to a clean environment. These are also useful to develop more tolerant plants to stress conditions, and to improve root and plant development; also when crops need extra protection against pathogenic conditions.

CFP products are in liquid, Powder and Slow Release forms and can be applied thru irrigation systems, injector systems, drench, sprayer and in furrow applications. The target zone of placement for best results is in the area around the roots (we work in the rhizosphere), penetrating 5” to 6” inches.

It depends on the crop and conditions. We have developed recommended applications for different crops and production needs. Please ask your sales consultant for details.

Our microbial consortium was derived from highly stressed environments from around the world. We isolated and selected the most hyper vigorous strains of bacteria and identified strains that work together synergistically with other bacteria and beneficial fungi. Basically, we selected the best of the best to create a winning team of robust microbes!

The mycorrhizae fungi used in our products are endo (Endomycorrhizal). Endo mycorrhizal fungi form a mutualistic symbiosis with 80% of plant species. Using our CFP product in your organic production, sets the stage for increased phosphorus uptake, resulting in increased root growth and health, and enhancing reproduction in the plant.

Avoid mixing our products with other products that are strong acids or bases. Please contact your Sales Consultant if you have questions on compatibility with other inputs. Store in a cool, shaded, ventilated dry place and keep containers closed. (Temperature <86°F/30°C) Avoid direct sunlight, do not freeze.

Yes, our products are safe to use on all crops for organic use, and are classified as Biosafety Level 1. 

Yes, we are big on technical support. Our in-house experts are here to assist you and help you understand the science of how our products work. Just like, our mission “Restore the power of the living, harmonizing microbial ecosystems”. We are here to support you!

You can contact us directly; we will be happy talk to you today! Reach us at:

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